Don't Own A Hot Tub? Here's What You're Missing...

Posted by Jim Riggs on Jan 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM

water bubbles.jpgTime spent enjoying the warm, relaxing waters of a hot tub is often something vacationers look forward to during hotel stays. If you look forward to the luxury of a hot tub during vacations, why not have one on hand at your home to enjoy any time you want? 

We understand your hesitation. It's a long-term investment that can seem a little daunting. To help you understand why having your own at-home hot tub is worth the cost, we really want you to see the perks!

Let's walk through 4 major benefits:

1. Overall Health & Wellness

Hot tubs aren't just for luxury use — they also provide great health benefits! In fact, Hot Springs Pools & Spas' original owner found that a hot tub was just what the doctor ordered when it came to alleviating the pain resulting from his unexpected diagnosis of diabetes. They're also perfect for after exercise or heavy lifting as a way to help your muscles relax and recover from the stress. If your over-the-counter medications just aren't working when it comes to difficulty falling asleep, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, cerebral palsy, or those inevitable aches that come with age, it may be time to look into a hot tub.

Fun fact: hot tubs are designed for your specific needs, up to and including health. Learn more about our Freeflow Spas and the health benefits they may provide for you..

2. Entertainment

As we grow, so do our kids, and keeping them entertained can become a challenge. That backyard swingset that enthralled your seven-year-old may be a bore to your tween and ignored entirely by a teenager. The perfect solution? A hot tub! An at-home hot tub is a great opportunity to bond with your family or even to invite over friends and family for a backyard barbecue followed by time in the spa on the deck. Get some fun family time in on a Sunday afternoon before the kids have to get prepared for the school week by playing some games. Have kids already in college? How nice it would be to have a different scenery when they come home rather than the couch!

3. Backyard Improvement

Does your backyard seem a bit plain, and you never seem to find a reason to spend time out there? An at-home spa installation could be just what you need to spend more time enjoying the outdoors! Hot tub installations provide a new, beautiful aesthetic to your backyard, as well as helping to raise the resale value of your home in case you decide to sell in a few years. If you're not the traveling type but are still looking for the benefits a vacation can provide, a backyard spa will help you feel like you're right on the beach — and you'll only have to take a few steps to get there..

4. Time With Loved Ones

An unexpected benefit of having a spat at home? The way it helps you to spend more time with your family! Whether you're looking to bond with your children or reconnecting with your significant other, the relaxation and stress-relieving benefits of a hot tub also help to keep conversations easy and comfortable! The best parts of family vacations — the time together, laughter, and fun — can easily be recreated at home. Don't wait for your yearly vacation to find some time to relax — prioritize your family and your health by investing in an at-home spa.

We've been in business since 1989 and don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, so you know we have the experience needed to listen to your needs, dig into what it is you're looking for, and show you which spa will be perfect for you! Not sure exactly what you require in an at-home spa? Not a problem! Our extensive background and prior work with clients make us uniquely able to work with you to find out. We offer only the best spas from Hot Spring®, Caldera®, and Freeflow®. If you're still early in the spa buying process and have some questions, give us a call at our Greenville, SC location at (864) 676-9400 or our Arden, NC location at (828) 687-8080. You can also click the banner below to contact us online!

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