Why It's Better To Sit In Your Hot Tub Than On Your Couch

Posted by Jim Riggs on Jan 27, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Person sitting on a couch with a dogIf you're anything like us, sitting on our couch is less than relaxing. The phone rings; we hop up to grab it. The oven timer goes off; we get up to take the food out. We remember bills are stacked on the desk, and, for no reason other than the fact of bills being on our desk, rise from our comfortable couch and revert to paying bills.

It's a recurring cycle, and the older we get, the less relaxed we are. This is why we want to show you the many benefits of a spa, so you'll see how one can help you and your family out more than the family room can.

1. Improves Sleep

Did you know if you have a warm body temperature, you're more likely to fall asleep faster and sleep with few to no interruptions? If you have not been sleeping through the night and experience a lot of restlessness, we suggest you spend a bit more time in the backyard spa in the evenings. 

2. Reduces Stresses

Worry and anxiety become more feverent during middle age. From kids going off to college, children getting married, planning retirement, or considering the future of your life in years to come, it's easy to understand why you may feel more anxious in general. However, hot tubs are known to help you out in the stress department. From the hot water, direct massage from the jets, and simply soaking in a spa for an hour or more, that feeling alone helps reduce the mental and physical stress of everyday life. 

3. Benefits your Health 

Have you been a victim of high blood pressure and sugar in the past? What about arthritis or carpel tunnel—are those hard to deal with? Here's a fun fact for you: when you hop in a spa, the pressure of the jets and the weightlessness allows for all those pains to be reduced. Hydrotherapy Spas work wonders in joints, offering you fewer back-, knee-, and joint-aches. If you remember, our founder started this company due to the great results a spa provided him when he discovered his diabetes. If you suffer from Type 2, you may want to check into a hot tub, as they are popular for lowering blood sugar levels.   

4. Decreases Frequent Headaches 

We know what you're thinking ... there's no way this will alleviate my headaches. Let's get back to the hot water fact we discussed above. When you're in a hot tub, your muscles aren't contracted because of the heat. As a direct consequence, all of your aches and pains are subdued because your body is overall relaxed. Aches and pains can be a direct trigger to a migraine, and a hot tub helps decrease those chances of one occurring. 

If you experience these same benefits from a couch, we sure would love to hear about it, as we may be doing something wrong in our lives. We truly understand the long-term benefits of a hot tub and hope you get to experience the same. Give us a call at our Greenville, SC location at (864) 676-9400, our Arden, NC location at (828) 687-8080, or click the banner below to tell us what you're looking for online!

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