20 Pool Design and Landscaping Tips for a Beautiful Backyard

Posted by Jim Riggs on Oct 7, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Pool DesignAfter years of dreaming of having your own private pool you're finally making it a reality; congratulations, that's a big deal!

Having a pool installed is the ultimate backyard facelift, so we want to make sure you get the most out of your investment and that your finished product looks just as beautiful as you always dreamed it would. To help you achieve your fantasy poolscape, we've put together these tips that will nearly guarantee that your pool is beautifully designed, elegantly furnished, perfectly landscaped, and has an unbeatable ambiance.

Easy Ways to Beautify Your Poolscape

Pool Design Tips

  • Be sure you choose finishing materials that will compliment your home's color and style
  • Choose a pool shape that fits well in the space and layout of your backyard
  • Opt for a colored pool finish over white for a more inviting and exotic feel
  • Along the same lines, a unique coping color will not only serve as a clear marker of the edge of the pool, but will highlight the shape itself
  • Consider having a water feature installed for both visual appeal and tranquil sound

General Ambiance of the Pool Area

  • Keep the pool water sparking blue, keep the grass cut and all trees and shrubs trimmed, and your decking clean
  • When deciding on landscaping and setting up your lounge areas (both of which we'll address in a moment), be sure that you don't make choices that will obstruct the beautiful view of the pool
  • Have ambient lighting installed so your pool and patio can be used both day and night
  • Find a way to incorporate a fire feature as they are both beautiful and welcoming
  • If you have a covered deck pergola, decorate the structure with strings of LED lights which are both pretty and practical

Lounge Areas & Outdoor Furniture

  • Consider creating a second lounge area away from your patio and closer to the pool itself
  • If you do opt for dual lounge areas, be sure all of your furniture matches for a cohesive backyard style
  • Doing a whole backyard renovation in addition to having a pool installed? Incorporate different levels so that some of your seating areas are higher while others are ground level
  • Choose decorations and accents that "pop" but that don't look out of place — an easy way to do this is to choose timeless outdoor furniture and dress it up with vibrant or patterned pillows
  • Your outdoor furniture should be casual as well as timeless to not only look more inviting, but help you and your guests feel relaxed

Landscaping Around Your Pool

  • Utilizing white gravel will keep maintenance to a minimum while acting as a nice transition area between the fence and your pool
  • Decorate with potted plants; they're versatile, easy to move and rearrange, and look great lined up, spread out, or even clumped together. You can even find pots that match the rest of your decor!
  • Have tall trees planted around the perimeter of your pool area as a beautiful, natural privacy fence
  • Planting beds are a vibrant way to break up the "monotony" of the decking, and they can also lower the cost of the project as less materials will be needed for the pool deck
  • If you have a very natural looking pool, consider adorning the space with a group of boulders along with your beautiful green landscaping

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